$40 Arduino Antenna Analyser

$5 DDS Module
$4 Arduino Compatible Module
$1 MCP6002 chip

Hand full of Resistors, Capacitors and Diodes and odds and ends parts you probably have in your junk box.

You've got yourself an antenna analyser.

Boardroom by SJL

The Project

The original project was created by Beric Dunn (K6BEZ) for Pacificon 2013 which was coded around a PIC processor. Arduino was considered and even portions of a project started, but never coded beyond a serial connection back to a PC. This is a completed rendition of the Arduino version based on the PIC version.

The Project

You can find the original plans for this antenna analyser at https://sites.google.com/site/k6bezprojects/antenna-analyser. Originally the Arduino was considered too expensive so the PIC device was used, but since then, you can find relatively cheap Arduino compatible devices for around $4 on Ebay. I used the Arduino Nano, the nice part about using the Arduino is the on-board usb connection which allows instant programming. Most PIC devices require a separate programming device. I coded this device around the original PIC design.

I coded the device based on the original PIC design with a little bit of a twist. On start, the device will start up ready to run a 1 to 30mhz sweep at 100 steps and give you the lowest SWR and the corosponding frequency. Two buttons control the device, button A will scroll through the available tests and button B will execute the test. There is definitely room for improvement, but this will give you a working antenna anaylser. Enjoy.


You will find the schematics and sketch listed below. Feel free to change, edit and share these designs but I ask that you keep the original designer K6BEZ in the comments.